-        Miro does not store any information that can identify you personally.
You provide the following information when you sign up with Miro:

.  ID

.  PW

.  E-mail (Optional, e-mail address is used to send registration information, e-mail address is not stored on the server)

.  Age (Optional)

.  Sex (Optional)

.  Number of children (Optional)

.  Age of youngest children (Optional)

.  Location (Optional)

-        ID and PW are used as minimal information for user membership and product registration.

-        We will be able to send your account login information to your e-mail account in case of a forgotten ID or PW.
Since we do not store your e-mail address, it will be deleted after delivery.

-        Ages, Sex, and Number of children information are requested to improve the quality of use of our home appliance products.
Filling out this information is not mandatory.

-        Your Miro user account is linked only to Miro-specific service skills. Account link information is transferred to Miro during the link process.


-        User account information can be used when link with external services and products.

-        You can sign up and use an external service account (e.g. Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc.)  independent of your Miro account.

-        When the external service is linked, related information is recorded and can be used for management, but they are independent of each other and personal information cannot be identified through it.


-        After you register Miro products, you will get detailed information about your device.

-        Device information includes information about the model of your Miro humidifier and MiroT (IoT device).

-        Miro can obtain information such as the operational input information, and the connection status of your device.

-        The information obtained is used to improve quality of our products, and customer service.

-        Device information does not include any personal data. If you forgot your ID and PW, you can re-register your old devices with a new account.


Homepage: http://www.eng.gomiro.com

e-mail: support@gomiro.com